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Water Removal Service Maryland

Water Removal

The unexpected has happened, your basement has flooded and you need a Water Restoration Company who can respond quickly to remedy the situation. Our process ensures we resolve your water problem right the first time and get to the root of the water issue. During your initial phone call, our team will ask the necessary questions to get the job started and will walk you through the next steps. We recognize that water damage can be devastating to you. Our water damage restoration and repair services will be individually tailored to your specific situation. At Sphere, we offer you solid expertise and balanced solutions.

Mold Remediation Service Maryland

Mold Remediation Service

The rainy season is in full force and your basement smells musty. You follow the scent to the room you seldom visit and after removing a few boxes, you discover the base molding and drywall have black markings. You’ve found the root of the problem; mold, and need to get it fixed asap.

Rebuild and Restoring Basement Maryland

Rebuild & Restoring

No need to worry, Sphere Restoration Solutions can rebuild and restore your basement to its original condition. We are a full-service restoration company offering a replacement, installation, and finishing of building materials removed during our water removal and mold remediation projects.

From Removal to Restoration, including, Repair, Remediation and Prevention.


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