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Mold Remediation

The rainy season is in full force and your basement smells musty. You follow the scent to the room you seldom visit and after removing a few boxes, you discover the base molding and drywall have black markings. You’ve found the root of the problem; mold, and need to get it fixed asap. Sphere Restoration Solutions can remedy the problem for you. After the initial phone call, we will dispatch our mold remediation team to assess the extent of the mold problem. We know how important it is to act quickly and responsibly when mold is present in any home. You can rest assured, our trained staff will follow recognized guidelines when taking on your mold remediation project.

Mold Remediation Service Maryland

Our 7-step Mold Remediation process includes:

7 Step Mold Remediation Process 1

Assess Mold Materials

Timing is critical when there is water damage. Our inspection team will carefully assess the mold affected area, identify the damaged materials and put together a remediation plan to correct the problem.

7 Step Mold Remediation Process 2

Identify Moisture Source

The key to mold remediation is to identify the source of the moisture causing the mold spores to grow. Our team will investigate to accurately find the source of moisture and provide recommendations to eliminate the problem.

7 Step Mold Remediation Process 3

Plan Remediation

Our team will develop an action plan, following optimal remediation guidelines, to eradicate the mold from your home, as efficiently as possible.

7 Step Mold Remediation Process 4


In order to effectively remediate the mold from your home, the Sphere team will use special filtration equipment known as air scrubbers with powerful HEPA filters.

7 Step Mold Remediation Process 5


Antimicrobial products and treatments are used to destroy the mold and inhibit future growth. Strict safety protocols are taken during this step of the process.

7 Step Mold Remediation Process 6

Drying, Cleaning & Disinfecting

Once all the mold is removed, our team will thoroughly assess the affected areas to determine what can be properly dried, cleaned, and disinfected. Correctly cleaning and removing mold contaminants from your home is an essential step in the process.

Restoration & Repairs

After the mold remediation is complete, the rebuilding and restoring phase of the project begins. Sphere Restoration Solutions team can help return your property back to pre-mold condition.

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